Thursday, July 30, 2009


I. Introduction

Smoking has influenced people’s health more and more. Now people have concentrated on their health. Seal said, “smoking has been linked to many other disease” (1998, p.31). We have a survey about smoking. We just want to research what is the difference between male and female smoker, and why people cannot give smoking up.

II. Purpose

EAP1 Writer’s Workshop students did this survey on a Thursday in July. We just want to know what the basic different between male and female smokers is and whether females depend more on smoking. According to this survey, we wanted to know how did these smokers started and why they cannot give it up.

III. Hypothesis/Hypotheses

Although there are a lot of female smokers, male smokers are still a big group. We think that smokers want to reduce their stress through smoking and wanted to know what they think the best way to quit smoking.

IV. Materials

We had seven questions from this survey which included14 questions for smokers and 11 questions for non-smokers. We just want to know the condition about smokers, whether they smoke in public or private, why they cannot quit smoking and what they think is the best way to quit smoking.

V. Methods

We asked 43 people, all students in SIU, on Thursday, July 23. And they all answer the survey carefully. I think that we get a wonderful survey from these volunteers. Although this survey was just retrieved from students at same university, we still think that we can find some information from this survey.

VI. Data

See appendix A

VII. Result

Before the survey, we just guessed that people want to reduce their stress so that they tried to smoke. Now from this survey, we know that 42.9% people started their smoking since friends smoked. Family member smoking caused 4.8% people’s smoking. 42.9% people started smoking since too much and 9.5% people thought that exams are the main reason.

VIII. Conclusion and Discussion

From the survey, we thought that we just guessed one reason right, which people started smoking because of too much stress. I was surprised that at the same percentage with too much stress are friends smoking. That says that friends influence everyone including good ways even bad points. If people’s friends always smoked, the people should be smoking, too. So people should know what is the advantage point we can study and what is the bad point we should avoid.

IX. Reference

Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. Pp.31-33. New York: Cambridge University Press

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wealth is everyone’s goal

In the article “Achieving fame, wealth and beauty are psychological dead Ends”, the author said that earning money and pursuing maybe not improve your life. The author thinks that the growth and relationships are more important to you. The people who just graduated from university may want their lives to proceed. However, more goals like pursuing the wealth would cause the psychological and physical symptoms. Although young adults need hard working outside, to complete the goals for their needs is better.

In my opinion, I do not agree with the author's point. I think that wealth is still everyone’s goal. Wealth gives us reputation, health and dream. Because of reputation, we get praise from others. Because of health, we can have a good body. Because our dream, we can complete our wishes. However, they all depend on wealth.

Because of wealth, we can use money. This point is not to say, money is the basic meaning of wealth. After we own money, we can set up an organization to help others. For example, Bill Gates has a big organization to help others who need help. Nowadays, more and more superstars understand that helping others is an important thing. Moutoumount is a NBA star. He helped his country, which is in Africa, to build a hospital. This wealth helps people get a good reputation.

Because of wealth, we can get health. A lot of people said that these businessmen have more stress than the others, and they always get psychological and physical symptoms. However, they have more experience on this side, and can solve every problem easily. Although they are always under big stress, they all know how to deal with stress. Many people under no depression, but they have no thing to do every day, so they still get disease. Rich men have more money to cure their body and poor men just die and are helpless. So I think that wealth is a safety belt for your body's health.

Because of wealth, we can make our dreams come true. It is not to say, everyone has dream. When businessmen look at their private gardens, poor men still live in a bad house. When businessmen help their parents to enjoy the better life, poor men still struggle to find food. When businessmen travel all over the world, poor men still look at their bad houses. That is the dream. Because of wealth, businessmen make their dreams come true, poor men still have a sad life.

Wealth is everyone’s goal. It lets us enjoy this beautiful life. Wealth lets us have reputation, health, and make our dream come true. The significance of wealth can never be exaggerated too much. Wealth is cornerstone of one’s development. Because of wealth, we can totally enjoy our life.

University of Rochester (2009, May 14) Achieving fame, wealth and beauty psychological dead ends. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 9, 2009, from

Monday, July 13, 2009

How to release stress

In Bernard Seal' article, he introduces the idea of how to cope with stress. The author said that stress always comes from loss of control. Understanding the meaning of degree of control is important so that you can release stress, too. The author also claims that personality is another factor to manifest stress. Sometimes stress helps people, other times it hurt our health. Using stress well is an important thing.
In my opinion, I think that the best ways of releasing stress are physical exercise, psychological exercise, and personal factors. Physical exercise can release your body stress. Psychological exercise can cure your mind problems. Personal factors means that suitable stress is good for our life.
Physical exercise can release your stress form your body. People will have some symptoms from their body, such as headaches, stomachaches and feeling weak. From those symptoms, people may get disease easily. Physical exercise could solve this problem effectively. People could go exercise to forget depression. For example, people can play basketball after working. When you communicate with your players, you will enjoy this wonderful time to reduce stress. Others exercise like yoga, swimming and boxing also make us able to cope with stress.
Psychological exercise can remove your depression from mind. People suffer mind disease which always comes from more stress. The significance of psychological exercise cannot be exaggerated too much. Psychological exercise can make your brain relaxed. For instance, your can listen music if you feel bad after study. You can read humors stories to forget difficult thing.
Sometimes personal idea is also an important thing to everyone. To some people, suitable stress is good for people to working. People could transfer stress to energy, so that they could complete their task quickly and wonderfully. For example, people could make every task as a challenges, so every difficulty is not even a burden for people. It is to say, suitable stress is really good for people. People need stress to contribute their working.
It is no doubt to say, physical exercise, psychological exercise and suitable stress is help people improve the stress problems. Suitable stress encourages to people, more exercise could make people feel better than ever before.

Seal, B. (1998). Coping with stress. Academic Encounters Human Behavior: (pp.15-16). New York: Cambridge university press

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


According to Mary McNamara's article "Michale Jackson, not a black or white story", Michael Jackson is a double-sided man. The author introduces the idea that Michael Jackson comes from two sides. One side said that Michael Jackson was perfect in the music history. He was very successful much like Napoleon in the last century. Another said that he is freak. And he had much gossip in his life. Although he has died, and somebody said the drugs are the reason, he still is a complex man in the history.

McNamara, M (2009, jun.25). Michael Jackson, not a black or white story. Los angles times. Retrieved from July 1, 2009, from

Thursday, April 16, 2009


In the long history, the economy has been playing an indispensable part, and in some people's mind, the economy is to the world what water is to fish. However, the entire world is suffering an unbelievable crisis. What we should do? just over came it.
An interesting way that saves more money for yourself and your country is showed by people to solve this difficulty. i know it is difficult to everyone. And we should give up a lot of things, such as morning coffee and granola! However, to face this intractability, this point only we can do. If everyone could save 10dollars per day, we can get almost three billion of money per day. How about a week? How about a month? How about a year? And we can use extra money to a current deposit, so that we can save a lot of every month. We can use this this money after we lose the job. we can use this money when the emergency. We can use it when we really want to use money. The economy of world is already eroding. Let us look for a new concept of financial structure. We can save money from cloth, beer, cigarette, etc. We can use this money in place where it really needs. Just save more for youself and America.
It is as clear as that the significance if saving can never be exaggerated too much. It is the backbone of economy. It is part of everyone life. It is a process of developing society. Face to this difficulity, we should hold together for overcaomeing. We can touch down the moon. We can also attain the liberalism and equality from the past hundreds. We can do if we really want to do. Beat this finanical crisis form saving detail in diary life. Saving is easy. It is just like taking a candy from a baby.

Monday, April 13, 2009

my life

i think the important thing in my life is dream. everybody should have a dream which is energy. i think dream is the purpose of life. dream is to me as water is to fish. dream is the backbone of my life. it makes my life exciting and challenging. i can understand the real myself and life. i shall do everything the best of my ability, if i have dream. i will never say give up, if i have dream. the life which is filled with dream is mine. i will toward the dream step by step.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


it is as clear as crystal that the important of technology can never be exaggerate too much. computer had enhanced the efficients, and released people from the hard manual work, but it also made people lazy. television has presented a colorful picture vivid before our eyes, but it also made people crazy and misunderstanding. automobiles had strengthened the transport, and made it easy from one place to another. however, it also pollute the environment. the world we lived was neither a haven nor a hell. what should we do? just embrace it, praise it, and enjoy it.