Thursday, July 30, 2009


I. Introduction

Smoking has influenced people’s health more and more. Now people have concentrated on their health. Seal said, “smoking has been linked to many other disease” (1998, p.31). We have a survey about smoking. We just want to research what is the difference between male and female smoker, and why people cannot give smoking up.

II. Purpose

EAP1 Writer’s Workshop students did this survey on a Thursday in July. We just want to know what the basic different between male and female smokers is and whether females depend more on smoking. According to this survey, we wanted to know how did these smokers started and why they cannot give it up.

III. Hypothesis/Hypotheses

Although there are a lot of female smokers, male smokers are still a big group. We think that smokers want to reduce their stress through smoking and wanted to know what they think the best way to quit smoking.

IV. Materials

We had seven questions from this survey which included14 questions for smokers and 11 questions for non-smokers. We just want to know the condition about smokers, whether they smoke in public or private, why they cannot quit smoking and what they think is the best way to quit smoking.

V. Methods

We asked 43 people, all students in SIU, on Thursday, July 23. And they all answer the survey carefully. I think that we get a wonderful survey from these volunteers. Although this survey was just retrieved from students at same university, we still think that we can find some information from this survey.

VI. Data

See appendix A

VII. Result

Before the survey, we just guessed that people want to reduce their stress so that they tried to smoke. Now from this survey, we know that 42.9% people started their smoking since friends smoked. Family member smoking caused 4.8% people’s smoking. 42.9% people started smoking since too much and 9.5% people thought that exams are the main reason.

VIII. Conclusion and Discussion

From the survey, we thought that we just guessed one reason right, which people started smoking because of too much stress. I was surprised that at the same percentage with too much stress are friends smoking. That says that friends influence everyone including good ways even bad points. If people’s friends always smoked, the people should be smoking, too. So people should know what is the advantage point we can study and what is the bad point we should avoid.

IX. Reference

Seal, B. (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. Pp.31-33. New York: Cambridge University Press

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